Capt. Kelley
7/26/2011 2:44:00 PM

From Seadrift to Gloucester, On The Wind

Castaway Lodge Fishing Report
By Capt. Kris Kelley

"A Note to Capt. Billy Tyne from Seadrift"

"Up before the alarm to meet some Diet Coke and Wendi's breakfast tacos; guests are moving around; everybody made the wake up call. Ease down to the ramp and sense the wind velocity and direction; say hi to Jack Broom and talk some trash with the boys; not too many boats out today; cranking 20 knots Southwest pre-dawn; we're going Southeast again. Capts. James, Jake, and Doug are already in the water. Slip the Haynie "Mal Gato" in the water; catch a breath of exhaust on the air; my ears perk up with the sound of Mercury muscle on the wind; tie her up; check the bait; waiting on clients to come down from the lodge. Blast off at the crab house; the new Rev 4 is strong; we're doing thirty knots
around the harbor jetty; little slip to Starboard, hit the jack plate and double tap the trim; smokin now. Coming up on breaklight; we're going shallow; hit the Pro Trim full up on the Bob's Jack Plate and peg the water pressure; the Pro XS is roaring. Drop her to a crawl on plane and ease into the kill zone; drift a little, bait is working already. Hit the Power Pole and burn our offerings down wind. Talk a little about technique; gal up front is already bowed-up; drag is screaming, it's ON. Solid Redfish on the move; I'm a fishing guide; and, I love it out here".

Fishing has been going really well here lately coming off the Full Moon. Redfish continue to impress us working mud/grass shallows. Trout are coming off SAB shell mostly above the ICW in varying water conditions. The tide has been coming in steady from break light deep into mid-day. The wind has been doing a lot of damage to the water over night and pre-dawn then backing down shortly after break light. Fortunately, the inbound tide has been cleaning up the mess the wind makes overnight offering fishable conditions in many locations. That has put the Trout bite later into the morning for many and in some cases best around lunch time. Much of what I'm writing would parallel the 2009 drought conditions experienced here in SAB.

We hope you have a great week and that your fishing is "catching". Come see us!

Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge


Capt. Kelley
7/18/2011 6:46:00 PM

Big Pulls & Band Aids

Castaway Lodge Fishing Report
By Capt. Kris Kelley

Nothing like a Full Moon to bring out the "need to feel it and reel it". We've been going for the big pull here lately and drag burning Reds have been in the crosshairs and answered the call. Trout fishing has been a go to as winds come down and more than a spot or two becomes fishable. We're finding ourselves on super low water levels at present and that has made for really challenging conditions. Not everything comes up roses but we can't complain, just have to keep plugging away.

Mud/grass environs have seen strong schooling action on pods of Redfish in the slot to 27.75" while Trout numbers continue coming off of mid depth shell. There isn't anything quite as rewarding as seeing young and old alike battling Texas Redfish in 12" of water or bowed up on aggressively feeding Trout. I had a youngster yesterday that got tangled up with a 23" Trout that just about took him out of the boat on the initial strike! That's building the next generation of Texas fisherman for sure.

Switching to Fireline Radial Braid sometime ago, I was concerned about folks that think they have to touch or keep a finger on the line when terminal fishing. Sure enough, that's not a good idea especially fishing with braid. I had a client that kept putting his finger on the line despite my warnings. When a Redfish tried to tear the rod out of his hand he came up looking for a Band Aid. So don't do it.

Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge


Capt. Kelley
7/11/2011 3:49:00 PM

Mal Gatos, Pre Poco

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Castaway Lodge Seadrift Report
By Capt. Kris Kelley

Conditions have been a bear here lately and that's been holding us off full Trout limits over the last few days. Wind pops and slick-offs, from one extreme to the other, along with short duration tides have had us off on our timing at times. Wind kicked this morning with some squalls coming across the bay and that led Capt. Jake and James toward a focus on Redfish. I just got off the phone with James and it looks like full limits with some catch and release action as well fishing over mud/grass. Dirty water Trout has been on and off depending upon "just how jacked up" the water is. I hit an unfortunate rash of "smalls" as we were approaching limits on Friday and that held us short. So, if it's not one thing it's another and heading into Poco Bueno weekend you can count on some elevated winds.

We'll be Scouting the Inshore Poco Division on Thursday with guests and welcoming other guests tonight through the Poco weekend. Hope you have a great week!

Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge



Thank you for calling to check on us. Eric was home by about 10PM last night and I made it home about 1PM today. It was well worth the 600 miles each way to get to fish with you. We had a wonderful time - the fishing was great, the accommodations were excellent, and the food was out

Mel S.
Lubbock, TX

Kris and Wendi

I can't tell you how much the guys enjoyed the Norm Invitational.

The wind kicked our ass, but we did catch some fish. You have the best guides. I believe Steve would have stayed out all day if we wanted him to. I am so glad my brother got to fish with you. This was

Larry Prellop
Round Rock, TX

Miss Wendi & Capt. Kris,

Man what a day! The only problem was it was over too fast. Thank you both for your kindness and all your help. All the time I spend with sons is great but to spend it with good people also, makes it priceless. Have a great day!

Johnny & JD
Houston, TX

Two friends and I headed down to Seadrift to take advantage of the February Special at the Castaway Lodge. The Lodge did not disappoint. The food and the lodging was great as was the fishing. We landed 9 reds between the three of us even though the conditions were far from perfect. Headed back to

Robert J. "Big Daddy"

Kris, thanks again, Mark and Trish had a blast, just being on the water. James did a great job not just with the fish, laughing and joking, and of course giving me a hard time for missing fish. He made the trip really enjoyable for everyone. You’ve got a great business going for you and Wen

Brian M.
San Antonio, TX
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