Capt. Kelley
5/25/2009 7:18:00 PM

Piercing The Veil


Piercing The Veil
We salute our veterans this Memorial Day, on behalf of everyone at Castaway Lodge, “thanks for your courage and selfless dedication to our Country”.
With the protective blanket of 30 knot winds removed from the fishery, the Bays are opening up with explosive action on Trout to 24”.              
Shell has been our primary focus working tapers and breaks from 2-4’ with live finfish freelined. Incoming tide has produced best and we’re hitting a little flat spot as the tide wanes. This is making for fast paced fishing and getting on a bite initially has been critical to achieving limits.
We’ve still got a lot of fish on sand/grass which will be finishing up there business shortly and heading for deeper waters and the forage and cooling afforded by area shell reefs. You can pretty much forget the last couple of years, this season is setting up under more traditional “seasonal norms” due to cooler water temperatures. This is setting us up for an “old school” June.
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