Meat Haul Meltdown
Posted By Kris/ In Castaway Lodge Hunting Fishing / Monday, February 19, 2018

Meat Haul Meltdown

Castaway Lodge Seadrift Report
By Capt. Kris Kelley

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Meat Run Meltdown

The old line from the song Taking Care of Business comes to mind as I pen this report because "we're taking what she's giving and workin for a livin"!  All cylinders firing in perfect order on all venues from wade fishing South with lures to Flounder Gigging to Airboat Redfishing; and Boat/Bait trips have just been incredible. 

Capt. James Cunningham started things off Flounder Gigging with guests of Mike's Landscaping taking full limits on a big run down south in foggy conditions.  James managed to know it out of the park with full limits for them in fair conditions. Capt. Chris Cady has been running non-stop in the Airboat on back lakes trips. Slick offs have been making things challenging early with the slick calm foggy mornings with gin clear water but once the wind picks up a bit he's been taking names and had guests plenty bowed-up.  Capt. Donnie Heath led Kelly J and guests Laura to solid action wade fishing artificial in the back lakes and shorelines taking some nice fish with plenty of action on soft plastics.  8,000 folks follow us on Facebook

Heading North Over The Weekend

Corporate guests along with a bachelor party trip won't soon forget this one.  All boats landed on the fish first stop and never moved.  What happened next was a meat haul extroardinaire with fast action on Delta Blue Cats mixed with Redfish and Black Drum.  Anyone that knows anything about this area knows the absolute delicacy of our Blue Catfish that enter the bays during the Winter and Spring months.  The brackish water is thought to purge them leaving mouth watering filets and some of the best eating that comes off the coast.  With a 25 fish limit, landing on them can produce some crushing fish boxes that have us pulling out the fish lugs to tote them around. 4,200 folks follow us on Instagram

Busy Busy

We've got lots of fishing on tap this week and the weather looks amazing as we approach March.  We finally got our burn ban lifted in the City and managed to get the last remenants of Hurricane Harvey up in smoke.  We're also putting the finishing touches on our Tackroom for Wader and Gun Rental and it turned out beautiful with lots of Cedar and old school toungue & groove pine shiplap.  Check availability HERE.

Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge

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