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Fin N Fowl Report

The bays have seen the largest water fallout we've seen in years.  We're not alone, from here to Louisiana coastal sports are dealing with extreme low tides.  A friend that runs a lodge in Louisiana reported not being able to even launch their boats lately.  For us, this has dumped large schools of Redfish along outside shorelines in collection areas near back lake bayous.  Capt. James reported seeing school after school on the shorelines with many in the 20 to 30 fish size if not larger.  Capt. Doug dialed in on these fish with guests from South Carolina and has been working on them the last few days.  Mud bowls with scattered shell and shell near deeper water is producing Trout.  Capt. Doug just reported catch and release Trout action over shell in SAB on popping cork/artificial. 

Duck hunting has been up and down since the opener of the Second Split.  We are seeing some patterns emerging and feel like we are running a bit late this year perhaps due to unseasonable weather.  When things aren't going great, every hunt seems to have a gem or memorable moment.  Hunting early week with Steve M. and guests returning from Florida for their 8th year, we enjoyed a morning with slick calm winds and blue skies.  We had killed a few Redheads and Pintails when the boys wing clipped a Pintail drake that landed just out of the decoys.  Steve's dog Sage is a youngster that has a lot of heart and learns more every year.  As luck would have it, the duck started swimming away quickly and Sage was hot on his tail.  Roughly 200 yards from the blind, it looked as if Sage wouldn't make the retrieve.  Finally, Sage made a big lunge and snatched the duck up out of the water and returned to us with a big round of applause. 

Memorable moments like these are more enduring in my opinion than the number of birds harvested etc.  For many, a trip afield is a break from the stress of city life.  Everyone needs to decompress and there's no better place than here at the lodge gunning and fishing with us here on the coast.  Wendi continues to spoil everyone with her cooking and there's room at the camp fire for sharing stories and visiting.  Come see us!

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge, Inc.

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