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I'll Either Surf Or Ski

Great week for solid Trout to 26" over mud/grass along with Redfish pushing the outside edge of the slot. Shell bite seems to have died off on the big water push. Word is we're losing a bunch of water at the moment which may open things back up a bit. Outside shorelines continue to hold a lot of fish for wade fishermen. The grass bite on Trout has been contingent on a decent amount of wind while Redfish seem to have been on a feeding frenzy despite bay slick-offs.

Saturday was a near slick-off while Sunday was absolute glass in the bays. A quick look at the surf yesterday found my guests wishing I had a Surfboard rather than fishing rods on the boat. Quick and tight interval swells in the three foot range made it a little more sporty for fishing than we were up for. Once that motor turns off in the bay on slick conditions, it's gonna get hot in a hurry. I guess I need to throw a wake board in the boat too! While we try to prepare for any situation, sometimes you just can't get it right.

Have a great week and good fishing!

Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge
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